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Sleeping cellular policemen

Posted in Scientific research by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on July 15, 2008

An interesting article from the Oklahoman indicates that scientists from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation have published a paper detailing their discovery of “a new process in meiosis that appears to help prevent formation of abnormal chromosomes.”

According to the newspaper report, the scientists “discovered a process in meiosis that helps prevent formation of abnormal chromosomes. Using high-powered microscopy to study cell division, the scientists found that structures (known as telomeres) at the ends of chromosomes act as genetic law enforcement officers, pulling apart chromosomes that are not supposed to interact.”

It seems some of these telomeres were sleeping on the job when our baby was conceived. The scientists hope to uncover how further study of these telomeres might enable understanding of how chromosomal defects occur and how they might be prevented,

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