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Good news for DownsEd on both sides of the pond

Posted in Charities, Educational research, Learning disability, Support services by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on October 20, 2008

Down Syndrome Education Internatational (DownsEd) has made a couple of announcements that happily enable me to keep my 31 for 21 obligations despite being stupidly busy.

First the charitable and research organisation announced plans for the first Down Syndrome Education and Research Center based in the USA. According to the announcement:

“The new center will be a joint venture with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County and will accommodate expansion of the Foundation’s highly successful Learning Program. The center will be based in Orange County, California and is expected to open in early 2009. The new center will offer educational support to families through the Learning Program and will develop evidence-based, educational programs that families across the US will be able use to assist the children’s development.”

DownsEd also announced that it has been awarded a £0.5m grant  from the UK Big Lottery Fund to test an adapted reading and language teaching programme for children who have Down’s syndrome.

According to the announcement, DownsEd will: 

“conduct a multicentre, randomised controlled trial of an adapted reading and language teaching programme and (assuming the intervention is found to be effective) to develop a teachers’ manual and training programme to encourage widespread adoption in schools. Including the dissemination phase, the project will last four years.”


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