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Palin delivers commitment for special needs children

Posted in Politics, Scientific research, Support services by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on October 25, 2008

Given my rant about Sarah Palin yesterday the sense of objectivity that remains from my days as a journalist compels me to report on the commitment for special needs funding unveiled by Palin yesterday.

According to the official announcement the commitment covers:

More Choice

  • Allow Parents Of Students With Disabilities To Choose The Best School For Their Child.
  • Make Explicit That Federal Funds Are Fully Portable.
  • Fully Fund The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

  • The McCain Administration Will Fully Fund The IDEA.
  • Using a phased-in increase of $3 billion annually in order to reach the full funding in five years will cost an additional $45 billion over five years.
  • Reform And Refocus

  • Provide Information And Assistance To Families Of Infants And Toddlers With Special Needs And Up-To-Date Information For Medical Professionals.
  • Increase Funding For States To Improve Services To Families With Infants And Toddlers.
  • Improve Services To Students With Disabilities In High Schools And Community Colleges.
  • I still maintain that if the McCain campaign really cared about funding for special needs the issue would have been added a lot sooner than with eleven days of the campaign remaining. You can find Barack Obama’s plan for disabilities and funding IDEA here.

    Additionally, Palin appears to have put her foot in it once again with a vague reference to “fruit fly research in Paris, France” of all places. (See Memo To Sarah Palin: Fruit Fly Research Has Led To Advances In Understanding Autism).

    Even if you assume you was referring specifically to the $211,509 to Representative Mike Thompson for olive fruit fly research in Paris, France, it debatable whether that has “little or nothing to do with the public good” as she claimed.

    “The olive fruit fly has infested thousands of California olive groves and is the single largest threat to the U.S. olive and olive oil industries,” said Thompson while defending the spending bill in April.


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    1. kayla said, on October 26, 2008 at 6:43 am

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