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How do Down’s syndrome children learn?

Posted in Charities, Educational research, Learning disability by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on October 26, 2008

A report in ScienceDaily indicates that a study is underway at the University of Denver Morgridge College of Education to compare two early literacy intervention approaches to educating young children with Down syndrome.

The report states:

Researchers are seeking children in the Denver area, ages 2 1/2 to 5, to participate in the study, which will involve a two-day training session to be held at DU followed by an at-home intervention program in which parents will implement the program with their child for approximately 15 minutes per day for approximately 10 months.*

“There has been little to no research on how our children with Down syndrome learn, especially regarding reading and language,” says Michelle Sie Whitten, executive director of the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation and Advisory Committee Chair of The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Educational Fund. “There have been significant breakthroughs in terms of how children with other developmental disabilities learn, and I strongly believe that our kids deserve the same attention.”

An international team of experts is contributing to the study, including Sue Buckley from Down Syndrome Education International who has trained the researchers involved.

The report adds:

“What is so exciting and unique about this particular study is that scientifically based research on early learning intervention has been translated into applied research in areas such as autism, but never before in Down syndrome research,” says Karen Riley, assistant professor of Child, Family and School Psychology at DU, and the key investigator driving the pilot study. “In addition, we are attracting researchers for this study who have expertise in other developmental disabilities, and we are applying their knowledge to Down syndrome.”

This study was initiated by The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Educational Fund. It is underwritten by a $130,000 gift from The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Educational Fund, $10,000 from the McDonnell Foundation and $10,000 from the University of Denver.


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  1. Rickismom said, on October 27, 2008 at 5:38 am

    By the way, Sue Buckley has already conducted a lot of prior research, ad research-based suggestions/ top -of-the-field advice is available FREE at:


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