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Charities lead changing attitudes to Down’s syndrome

Posted in Attitudes to disability, Support services, Surveys by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on November 29, 2008

Ignoring the questionable reporting of medical statistics for a moment, there is no doubt that the Down’s Syndrome Association’s survey of parents indicated improved attitudes towards Down’s syndrome in the UK.

“Initial results show that 25 per cent said they already knew people with Down’s syndrome or other disabilities and that had influenced their decision to continue with the pregnancy. Thirty-five per cent said they felt life and society had improved for people with Down’s syndrome.”

An article in The Times today says responsibility for that lies with charities like the Down’s Syndrome Association and Mencap.

“The Down’s Syndrome Association, along with Mencap, has been instrumental in this change – by putting the emphasis on changing attitudes, facilities and support in society. It’s done this to the deliberate exclusion of research into the causes of learning disability, on the basis that it had to send out a clear message about the worth of people affected,” writes Simon Crompton.

“With giddying amounts being spent on research into stem cell and other therapies and new diagnostic tests for congenital conditions, the Down’s story is a reminder that sometimes we can get too carried away with the science of prevention, forgetting that some conditions are only severely disabling because we’re not investing enough in supporting families affected by them,” he adds.


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