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Getting categorical

Posted in This blog by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on November 29, 2008

I had an hour or so to spare and decided to make some changes to the categories on this blog to make it a bit easier to locate information on Down’s syndrome.

Instead of “treatment and services” there are now categories for Therapeutic treatments and Support services, for example.

Also the “research” category was a bit of a jumble, so there are now categories for Educational research and Scientific research, while Surveys is reserved for sociological research and surveys.

I’ve re-worked the previously euphemistic “Legal issues” category by creating a Termination category. Legal issues is reserved solely for matters of law. Issues related to legislation are in the Politics category.

Also “Testing” has gone, replaced by Screening and Diagnostic testing, while I’ve also tidied up the Statistics category so that stats related to Down’s syndrome are easily found.

Meanwhile you can find posts related to my family under the Personal category while I’ve also added categories related to Ethics and Attitudes to disability.

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