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Various Down’s syndrome news stories

Posted in Diagnostic testing, Legal issues, Scientific research, Screening by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on February 4, 2009

I’m pretty busy at the moment so I’m just going to link to some recent items of interest for the time being:

  • Specs4Us produces glasses frames especially designed for children with Down’s syndrome.
  • The court case against four Google executives for allowing a video of a boy with Down’s syndrome being bullied to be posted on its Italian Google Video site has been delayed until later in the month. I;ve previously posted my thoughts on the matter here.

This report from eWeek nicely explains the issues at the heart of the case:

“Under Italian law, Internet service providers are not responsible for third-party content, but they must remove objectionable material if complaints are received. Content providers such as Google, however, are responsible for all posted content.

‘Google is arguing that it is an Internet service provider and the Italians are arguing Google is a content provider,’ [International Association of Privacy Professionals’ executive director Trevor] Hughes said.”

  • Ante-natal screening test supplier Sequenom has revised details of tests for its new non-invasive screening technology.

It previously stated it had achieved 100% accuracy on positive results and 99.9% on negative results. It now claims 96.6% on positive results and 100% on negative results. Yahoo Finance has the details.


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