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What is Down’s syndrome?

Posted in Attitudes to disability by Matt at WelcometoIllinois on March 1, 2009

This is great. Wise words from Annabelle:

“What is Down syndrome”? You may ask. Well I will tell you. You see, if you have Down syndrome, you have one extra chromosome (which is a thread like looking thing that tells your body what you look like and other things.) in your body. Which causes problems. See, I can’t really tell you why it causes problems. Because scientists have not figured it out yet. But I know that I can tell you lots of other things about Down syndrome! When you have Down syndrome you look a little different from every body else. And it takes a little longer to learn as well as you and me do. But even though they look different, it doesn’t mean that you can’t like the same things and be friends. I even know someone that has Down syndrome! And I know her really well because she is my sister! Her name is Sophie. I hardly notice Sophie even has Down syndrome. She knows lots of cool and elegant words like “I think not!” She really cracks me up! And Sophie has lots of friends in kindergarden! And all of her friends like her alot! Sophie has special therapies to help her up! She has a great life! the end


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  1. Good arrows! « Welcome to Illinois said, on March 10, 2009 at 2:12 pm

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